About Me

I’m Jimmy, and I’m a full-time licensed and insured professional photographer.  I love being a photographer for the challenge of creating new and artistic imagery in any situation, and am absolutely passionate about creating the best images possible.

Jimmy Ho Photography

I’m a father of two wonderful kids, and a husband to the most supportive business partner and wife a person could wish for. Together, we’ve established our family and photography studio in Gainesville, FL.  When I don’t have a camera in my hand, I can usually be found playing with my two kids.  I’m also an avid film and gaming buff, and will often derive my photographic inspiration through these sources.

I believe my clients are the most incredible people in the world, and I love documenting all important events in their lives. I’m happy to work with my clients on either a professional or personal level to create the absolute best images possible. I believe that quality photography is timeless, and I will always go that extra mile to create the best possible work I can for you.

As you look through my images, I hope that you will appreciate the quality and consistency of my work through the years. I’m the lead photographer for every project that I photograph – whether it to be a wedding, portrait session, or commercial/headshot session, and I edit and retouch all of my own work to maintain integrity and consistency.

I’m a total photography geek, and I’m obsessed with finding, controlling, modifying and utilizing both natural and artificial light, and using it to my advantage to create amazing images. I speak in shutter speeds, ISOs, f-stops, WBs, and have been told to have an almost comical relentless drive to shoot and edit the absolute best images possible. I’m a perfectionist, and will work for hours on just a single photo until it’s absolutely perfect! The beauty of it is that I pour all of this energy into my photographic art behind the scenes, so that you can simply enjoy the finished work afterwards.  Win-win, right?

I enjoy creating images that are true to the moment, and look and feel genuine whether I’m documenting the moments as they happen at your wedding, or working with you to create fun headshots and beautiful portraits! I do help with planning and posing for all of my clients, from wedding to portrait, to commercial/headshot work.

My website includes work from many years worth of weddings, engagement and portrait sessions, headshots, and commercial work and I welcome you to view it all. When you’re ready, feel free to contact me. I’d love to learn about you and your event, and how I can document this important time in your life!