Lisa and Steven – A gorgeous leather album

It’s Monday again, and this time we’re proud to showcase one of our premium Italian leather albums. But first, a little about the wedding.

When I photographed Lisa and Steven‘s beautiful beach wedding, I knew that they specifically wanted professional wedding photography that was almost entirely photojournalistic. Lisa already loved my work, and knew that I was the perfect photographer for her wedding.

We ended up only spending about 20 minutes for formals, and the rest was all photojournalistic moment after moment. I remember feeling how great it was to be tasked to finding all of those precious, wonderful and magical moments that spontaneously appear. It certainly wasn’t difficult, as Lisa and Steven have some of the most wonderful family members ever. There was an abundance of beautiful moments to be found, and I enjoyed capturing every minute of it.

Shortly afterwards, we designed, produced and presented a beautiful album for them.  They absolutely loved it, and I still remember Lisa calling me saying how she had taken it to work and her friends had never seen any album this beautiful. Well, we loved their wedding photos as well! We loved it so much that we decided that we just had to have a studio sample of it.

Since the majority of the wedding images were pure photojournalistic and unprovoked moments, we decided that a premium leather would be the best way to present this. Thus, we designed and created this magnificient premium cowhide leather album, with a whopping 100 pages to tell the story of their day. This is no flimsy “photo book”…it weighs 12 lbs! We finally snuck in a few moments to photograph it, and here it is…

This is what a 100-page Italian premium leather album looks like. This one was made to touch and flip through. We really like the look of the raised leather cover on the front as well.

A better view of the cover and binding. I love the color and tonality of the leather, along with the rich, deep leather scent as well.

Here are a few spreads and pages in the album.

For more info about albums, and how we can create a beautiful work of art from your wedding images, please contact us via email or phone. If you’d like to see more of our sample studio albums, feel free to contact us to schedule a free consultation.

All images © 2011 by Jimmy Ho Photography, a Gainesville Photographer.

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