Lorna’s Gallery Canvas Wrap

Everyone loves great pictures, and we are often asked what we can do with the pictures we take. Well, April and I have some great ideas to share! We’ve been making some awesome albums, books, prints, wraps, and everything in between for our clients, and we’d love to share some pictures of them (and other ideas) with you! From now on, we’ll be blogging new sample products (and those ordered by our clients) on select Mondays so that you can get some great ideas on what we can do with your photos!

Today we’re featuring Lorna & Adolfo’s gorgeous gallery canvas wrap. After I photographed their engagement session, Lorna and Adolfo decided that they wanted something nice to display for their wedding reception, as well as in their home. The canvas wrap was one of my first suggestions, as it offers not only an elegant way to show a great photo of them being just themselves, but the canvas material looks absolutely fantastic when mounted on a wall. Since the canvas actually wraps around the edges, it looks great from all angles. The texture of the canvas makes for a classy wall piece as well. As always, our products come with premium editing. We work our magic until it looks its absolute best!

A view from the front

The edge

The corner

View from the front

It comes ready to hang/mount on a wall already

Two canvases next to each other

All images © 2011 by Jimmy Ho Photography, a Gainesville Photographer.

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