Kristy and Justin – Part III

The gorgeous ceremony took place at Kristy’s parent’s home on Santa Fe Lake.

I found this little guy just hanging out, and had to get a shot of him.

Touching up before the ceremony. Kristy is looking gorgeous!

A peak out the window at the ceremony.

Justin and his mom. What a beautiful day, and perfect weather for a wedding.

I looked over just in time to get this shot of the flower girl being absolutely precious. Priceless moment!

I love this little guy! He was so excited carrying the rings, you could just feel it as he walked past.

Kristy and proud dad.

Justin’s first look at Kristy.

Kristy…a gorgeous moment!

I caught the ring bearer in the background being hushed.

Justin…so in love.

The gorgeous. I love those feathers!

Kristy in a great moment!

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Bearing rings is a pretty big responsibility. This little guy got a little tired.

Such a beautiful scene.

Some of the best moments happen when no one else is looking…except maybe for me. I caught this heartfelt hug that Kristy and Justin gave each other as their first private moment together. What an incredible moment!

I love this shot of Justin’s sister…you can just feel their happiness.

What an incredible ceremony! Stay tuned for some awesome shots of their gorgeous reception, and a cameo appearance by Urban Meyer! (Yes…he crashed…er…visited their wedding…)

All images © 2008-2010 by Jimmy Ho Photography, a Gainesville Photographer.

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